My poems

A poet write poems, only words, but when a reader reads with love, poem revives.

The day I saw your picture
I fall in love with you,
Cause, I was hurt by someone,
It’s true,
My darling I love you,
Please be in my arm and love me
I am longing for you.

The earth, it is very colourful,
Sadly we only see blue and green.
Form above, all we can see is ashen cloud.
Fields are empty, farmers are worried,
Only thinking they are not reaping.
Absentee I am looking for nonexistent clue,
Time went pass, we are counting years,
Lost and wandering in worldly illusion.
I am enrapt.

Dying Earth

Polluters are only polluting the air and the atmosphere,
They aren’t doing anything to save the new generation,
Everyday oil and the oxygen are getting thicker.
Waiting for last the ferry, tired and wary,
We know, the earth is dying and we’re dying with it,
Still weren’t doing anything nor we are getting any wiser.
Life is very hard and we are hard worker,
From dawn to dusk we work for food and shelter,
The myth was, brother always will be there for brother.


Love is blissful even though life is full of misery
Death is destined but still being nativity is a miracle.
Tie of relations and bond of blood has very mighty circle
Mother and father are always praiseworthy and admirable.
Learn it before its too late because someday you will be a parent
Thus, respect them if you want to be creditable.
Praise of parents never vain but it always been answered by deity
Therefore, be grateful to them and do a favour unto yourself,
Respect them and you will be venerable.

My lady my ladylove,
The day I saw you,
I fall in love with you,
My lady my ladylove,
I love you.
Love me, O please love me;
I am longing for you,
Love me I will love you,
My lady my ladylove,
I love you.

‘You made me cry’

I never knew how much you loved me,
I never know how much you longed for me,
I never knew how long you waited for me,
I never knew how many nights you passed sleeplessly.
Now as a lost lover, I know how much you loved me,
Now I know how much I love you,
I never know how much you longed for me,
Now I am longing for you and crying shamelessly.

“Loved one”

Life is a journey, when soul fills with misery,
Only person we turn to is the loved one.
When life grows bereft,
Only person can make us happy is the loved one.
When our eyes are arid,
Only person who can fill them with tears is the loved one.
When we are hurt and broke,
Only person who can comfort us is the loved one.
My darling, please be in my arm and love me,
I am longing for you.
You may don’t know, but you are the one I ever loved,
You are the one I will love,
My love, you are the one I want make love to.

I miss you, I am missing you,
My darling I am longing for you.
I cannot remember when we meet last,
You said I would be back in a heartbeat.
Sadly you never did, I am waiting, longing
Deary, please return soon,
I am growing lovesick in your estrange.

Give me a pen and I will kill time.

I am feeling lonely and all I can see is the moon,
I am waiting for you, please be in my arm soon.

Thirst and greed
For human blood, the earth is very thirsty,
Oil is very thick and silky, the greed is killing the amity.
The earth is being fertilised by consuming each and every body,
And we are ever too greedy.
None cares about humanity.

Am I lost?
At night I walk but see no shadow,
In the dark i try to lose my way,
I wander for a while,
only to discover the dark side.
Aimless not I am searching,
But I don’t know what.

Sometime we look at ourselves and think of unthinkable,
The mirror, the restless eyes, lonely time, we see illusion,
We long for love, end of the journey wilderness awaits,
We look around, echo comes back, lover walks like a rover,
Happiness we need, want to please someone but we are unable

Now we need a Leader who Loves the country and country folks.
The leader who will share the hardship with the poor.
As we are a poor nation, we need a leader who is not greedy.
Greed itself is an act of cruelty.
Now we are in need of a loving leader
Who loves the poor and willing to share the pain and misery.
It means we need to change our leader or they need to change their way of thinking.
If they do or if we force them to be one of us,
Only than we will come out of poverty, otherwise we will be doomed.
We are loyal to them, therefore we need their loyalty.
We are desperate, please do something for sake of humanity.

Muslims we are worshiper of Allah

Some say Muslims are terrorists,
Some say Muslims are fanatics,
Some say Muslims are ruthless,
Some say Muslims are heartless.
Some say Muslims are blood thirsty,
Some say Muslims are born killers,
Some say Muslims are going astray,
Some say Muslims are wrongdoers.
Some say Muslims are ignorant,
Some say Muslims are still in the dark,
Some say Muslims are unfair with women,
Some say Muslims are mischief-makers.
What they don’t know is,
Muslims, we are worshipers of Allah,
Moon, sun and stars are the creations of Allah,
The earth and heavens belong to Allah.
Allah is the judge of The Day of Judgment,
Air obeys Allah’s command,
Rain revives the dead earth,
Where crops grow and the last resting place.
The earth is a Travelodge and we are travellers,
Hell is where the hopeless journey will end,
Heaven is the destiny for the righteous.
As a Muslim I say, I am glad that my religion is Islam,
Islam itself is light, and Muslims are brighter.
If you want to know the truth,
Close your eyes and try to breathe the last breath.

The day I saw your picture
I fall in love with you,
Cause, I was hurt by someone,
It’s true,
My darling I love you,
Please be in my arm and love me
I am longing for you.

Loner I am lonely and I work alone,
I don’t beg to anyone to help me with the music or the song,
I play my own music I sing my own song.
I am not a singer but I am a song writer,
I also write poems and novels,
I wander in never-never land I am a wanderer,
I play my own music I sing my own song.
I singsong but I don’t sing-along,
I play funny music and I do what I like,
I know I maybe wrong,
I play my own music I sing my own song.

I was happy when I was a lovely child,
I was happy when I was playing like a wild child,
But as I grew old the love made me lovesick.

Time is flying and I am growing old. This is life!



Writer and publisher